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The Most Realistic Moments in FRIENDS, 20 Years Later


Today is the 20th anniversary of Friends, better known as that show that’s probably airing as a rerun somewhere on television as you read this very piece. Naturally, there are plenty of thinkpieces and “Which Friend would you eat to survive on a deserted island?”* quizzes all across the Internet. Most of those thinkpieces are all about how unrealistic Friends always was (“Could that apartment BE more unbelievable?”, “Where are all the black people?”, “Why doesn’t Rachel file a restraining order against Ross?”), but you know what? There were some realistic moments in the show. This was, after all, a show that was supposed to be all about Gen X-ers, and from what I hear, those were real people.

* As the largest Friend, of course Ross is the one you would eat. Maybe Joey or Chandler, depending on the season. Definitely not gaunt season 3 Chandler.

So here is the definitive list of every realistic moment of Friends, in episodic order. Definitively.

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a summary of the show

a summary of the show

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Chris Evans by Nino Muñoz

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